Monday, 5 November 2012


Cause it's 12:51 and I'm still awake, it's going to be one
Lying on my bed, blogging at night again
And I can't sleep because of this thing called the internet and I had a long nap

Haha! Alright alright.. that's kinda lame.
But anyways, I finally uploaded the second chappy of my story on Wattpad! *Whoppeee!*
There's a higher chance that I won't drop this story since I will have about 4 to 5 months of holiday(I'm gonna be home-schooled for awhile. Boohoo!!)
Its genre is romance. Weee! I'm such a sucker for romance and chocolates :3
Just too bad that a few minutes after I uploaded my new chappy, Wattpad's site was suddenly down. I guess my chappy is so awesome that Wattpad couldn't take it and collapsed. LOL yeah right.

Here's my story! <3
I'm still an amateur to this, so constructive criticisms are welcome.
Even if I were a pro, they'd still be welcomed :)

Oh well, I have nothing else to add on. This post is what I call 'Out-of-the-blue post'
Didn't I tell you I'm random?


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