Saturday, 29 August 2015

Long long time ago

Back then I used to question myself, "Why am I not the first?" "Why am I not one of the best?" "What does he/she have that I don't that made them better than me?" I worked so hard(and smart) for everything, and yet all my efforts were in vain. A few years later, I finally realized why. My motivation was not in the right place. I wanted to be the top, the best because I wanted the attention the elitists were garnering from everybody. I wanted people to look up to me,  I wanted them to ask me for help when needed, just like a superhero. Big mistake of mine. Thankfully, after many eye-opening experiences, I managed to see what I had been missing all those yearsmy reasons for wanting to be the best. I couldn't have done it without the guidance of my loved ones, friends and lecturers. They made me see that I don't always have to be the best, and there will always be someone who is and will be better than me, and vice versa. What I should focus on is what I really want. What my heart really really wants. I should do it for myself. This year had been a tough year, my last year in poly. Of course they'd give us hella of a time for our last year. Haha.
But it helped me push myself more. All those sleep deprived nights and tears were not in vain this time round, it has finally beared fruit.

I still can't believe it at all. Who would have thought we'd be working alongside Sony to showcase my team's work to the media and the public? Who would have thought I'd actually get to intern in a well-established company? So many blessings after all those years :)
Wouldn't have done it without my family's encouragement, my bf's patience(non-stop whining to him hehe), friends' constructive opinions, lecturers who guided us, and last but definitely not the least, God.