Sunday, 31 August 2014

Love and baking

The yummy mistake that we ended up creating

Love is like baking
It takes patience to muster up something pleasing and not create a poison that could potentially kill you
You need to be certain of the measurements
 You cannot just pour out everything, you would be wasting ingredients
Either way, being not so generous with the amount can also affect the outcome
Everything has to be precise -not too much, not too less- before you pop that tray of goodness into the oven
It is all about being meticulous 
You cannot afford to make any room for mistakes because once it is done, it is done
You would not want all your effort be put in vain, right?
However, despite of all your mishaps in the kitchen, mistakes can surprisingly create something unexpected and wonderful
Like Professor X and the Power Puff Girls
Mistake does not always equate to something horrible
Without mistakes, you will not learn
You will not discover new things
Everything would be perfect
Where is the fun in that?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

In my head: Just a random rant about life and life

I keep getting distracted from my revision and exam is just a week away. Geez, Angel.
But anyways, that's not the reason why I am loitering around my blog instead of studying. I am here because I have been thinking -excuse me, I have always been thinking just fyi- about something that concerns not only me but others out there who are like me. I had been pushing it aside every time it tried to emerge to the surface. Letting it sit idly at the back of my mind like a clothing waiting to be worn but days, weeks and years have passed.

People who are still sitting on the fence. Unsure of what they want in the future to come. Who will I be? What will I be? Where will I be? Those are some of the common questions we always ask ourselves but we never seem to figure out the answers just yet.
Remember when you were a little boy/girl and you wanted to be a fireman, a doctor, a scientist and all other crazy things even? Remember when your parents said you can be anything you want? At that point in time, you wanted to be a lot of things, not thinking about how or where it is going to bring you to. You just want to be that person because that is what you want to be. In other words, things like money, position and opinions of others do not matter as long as you become that person you aspire to be.
Now, back to the present. Choosing a career has become a life changing decision in which you have to think thoroughly. It is not like when you were a little kid anymore. Suddenly everything matters. You are in a crossroad and you do not know which way to go. You are not lost. Just undecided. Give yourself some time to figure things out. It is not too late yet but do not forget, time waits for no one.
As of now, enjoy the moment. Experience the ups and downs of life. Love it and hate it. 
Till we meet again, see you at your destination(that is if we end up in the same place but I doubt that would even happen haha) :)

7 More Days To Freedom!

This is the depiction of my gaganess. Told you it's scary haha

That sudden outburst of enthusiasm and spontaneity from me is quite shocking I must say. I thought that side of me was long gone but surprise surprise, it popped out of nowhere and what an impeccable timing it has haha. I think my craziness has lain dormant for quite some time. My inner gaganess is pounding at the door, eager for it to be let out in the wild. Hold still my dear, just a little bit more time. You'll be out and about soon. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Last day! Woot! Woot!

Programming and I have a love/hate relationship

Tomorrow officially marks the last day for submission of projects. Oh yes, I could hear my freedom calling me from afar. Yup, from afar. There's still the exam. Sucks but hey at least I only have two papers to sit for and they're both two weeks away from now. Can't wait for this semester to come to an end but I'm so not ready to see my GPA.

Friday, 8 August 2014


Just a little bit more, Angel. Just a few more weeks and it's the school holiday. Hang in there you lil biatch.