Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Last Blog Post Of 2014

Hooray! Here's to another awesome year ending! Goodbye 2014, and let's welcome 2015 with opened arms and a positive outlook. Woot! Woot! But wait! Before I make a grand entrance into 2015, lemme' put up this blog post first hehe. Rather than posting my yearly New Year Resolutions, I've written some kind of short reflection of my 2014. Without further ado, here it is~

1. What younger me would like about present me

They say that experience changes a person. 2014 has definitely changed me(like every other year). It was filled with so many happenings, good and bad. There were times when all I wanted to do was be cooped up in my bedroom, isolated from the outside world. However, there were those days that kept me going. Those were the days I'd be forever grateful for.

That's what I really like about the present me. "Count your blessings, not your neighbors'." I used to be this kind of person who was never satisfied with what I had. I always wanted more. I wanted to be better than everybody. I could have, would have, should have. My world revolved mostly around those three phrases. It was tiring to be like that all the time. Never satisfied. It was like a hunger that couldn't be quenched. As long as I could still go on, what I have now is never enough. That was my mentality. Surprisingly, I didn't realize that until I said something to a friend of mine. It made me sound like an ungrateful biatch. Sigh.

2. The watched/read it list

I can't really list everything down here. You can check out some of the books I've read by clicking 'Angelica's Quotes' that will direct you to my Goodreads profile instead hehe. As for movies, I don't really keep track. Teehee!

3. The mistake(s) I never want to make

1. I never ever want to betray anybody's trust.
2. Never ever fall for the wrong guy again(Haha! I don't think this is plausible because like you, I'm human too. This list does not guarantee that I'll be living a Saint's life).
3. Never ever waste my time on people/things/situations that doesn't make me happy.
4. Never ever want to eat shrimp, it gives me mild allergy. Ugh.
5. Regret. Every action I take is done for a reason. It may sound irrational a few years down the road, but at least I wouldn't be left thinking that I should have done it a few years back. I wouldn't be left with regret because I was too scared to give it a try.

4. My ideal outfit

I've been told that my fashion sense is good haha. Okay, then I guess I don't have to make much changes. I'll stick with my casual and fashionable way :)

5. A deep, dark secret

Wanna know my secret? Highlight the space below ;)
AHA! Gotcha! Just ask me personally if you wanna know haha!

6. The most unexpected compliment(s) you ever got

I actually couldn't wait to write this one down. So much for being humble, Angel. Haha! There was this one time when I was trying on clothes in front of my sis. Out of the blue, she complimented my collar bone. That was so unexpected of her because she usually doesn't give me compliments and that is a weird thing to say.

7. That one quote

*Quickly flips through pages of quotes* This one quote has been giving me courage ever since 5ever, especially at my lowest.
Everything happens for a reason.

8. The best surprise I've ever had

Surprise me :)

9. Your true happiness

Lies within myself. Really! One's happiness shouldn't be dependent on a person or materialistic pleasures. They can easily come and go. What'd be left of you once they're gone?

10. My favorite failure(s)

My favorite failure? The dumbest mistake I've done on the last year of my secondary school life, which was not so long ago.
It's a pretty long and embarrassing story BUT without that dumb mistake happening, I don't think I'll be where I am today :)

11. An amendment to the bucket list

Gonna reconstruct my list. every single one of them that hasn't been done or seem impossible(come on, be an astronaut for a day?). If you're a daily reader of my blog, you'd have seen it here. It's ridiculous, I swear haha