Sunday, 22 November 2015


I still can't believe you've got the guts to do that. After all those years. After all the time, effort and feelings I've invested into what I used to call our friendship. Gone just like that. I wonder if you ever talked bad about me just like how you did to other people. I wonder if you've ever felt guilty for every lie you've told us. Was there even any truth in the words you uttered to us, or were they all strings of lies, tied together in a very intricate way that made it hard to see past the lie in there. Did you ever think of what we felt? You made me hate the people I shouldn't be hating on. You twisted my perception of you. I feel like a kid who's been fed with lies after lies, made me think there was something there when there wasn't. I feel like a total fool but you know what? I'm done. So done. I won't care anymore. You didn't even care about us when things were still fine.