Sunday, 8 January 2017

Day 8: Who are you missing? What is one thing you can do to reconnect with them today?

First of all, if you guys don't know, I'm actually from Philippines and my family migrated to Singapore when I was 9 years old. So all of my relatives are back home. We occasionally go back for vacation but that's like a once in a blue moon thing. If I'm not wrong, the last time we went back was about 2+ years ago? And that was only for 2 weeks. I was still schooling then, so were my sibling and my parents were quite busy with work. So yeah. Hopefully this February I'll be able to accompany my mom to visit my grandparents from my mom's side. Things are not going well for them, health-wise that is. I guess by now you would have guess who am I missing now, aight. So that's that. I hope I'll see my grandparents soon. Sigh. As of now, my grandma from my dad's side usually calls us in the mornings via video call on Facebook. My grandma is so techie. Maybe you guys should add her haha. Thank God with technology. It really comes in handy for situations like this.

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