Thursday, 5 January 2017

Day 5 : How did you grow in 2016?

Part of growing up is making mistakes and learning from them. I've made a lot of that in 2016, so that means there was a lot of growing up for me, right? Yes and No. 

Yes, I've grown. I've learnt a lot about myself. How I'm like by myself and with people around. People have dynamic personalities. There's no such thing as a person having only one personality. No I'm not referring to Dissociative Identity Disorder. It's the kind of personality or character you portray to people. For example, when I'm around strangers or people I'm not really comfortable with, I tend to act differently. I would come off as quiet and serious but when I'm with my family, friends or boyfriend, I'd be all goofy and derpy. Like I'm a totally different person. 

Now, I've known for a long time how I act around different people.
What I didn't know before and not even long ago is how I adapt to being around new people or place. You see, when you're so comfortable in your environment and the people around you for quite some time, you tend to forget how it's like to be in a new place with new people. For years, I've been mostly in my comfort zone, only going out of it when I deem it to be worth the trouble. 2016 has forced me out of that place. It was a stepping stone for me. I've learnt how to adult or should I say I've learnt how it's like to be a kid in an adult world. I'm still learning and I'm not gonna lie, it ain't easy.  

No, there's still a part of me that's scared. Scared of everything.  Hindering me from I should have, could have been. Hopefully that'll change even if it takes forever.

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