Saturday, 9 May 2015

Random Thought From A Random Soul: Expectations

Expectations. Every single one of us have a certain expectation or standard that we want to be met. Sometimes, it's what drives us to accomplish our goals. Sometimes, it just doesn't. There's a difference between a rational and irrational expectation. Like duh, Angel. You don't say! But you know what? Not many people recognize these differences. And that's why they are often disappointed with their decisions. In this day and age, you most probably have come across stuffs like these:




Aren't they aw worthy? I'm not trying to demean, insult or criticize anybody who's into this, alright. But I just feel like youngsters(mostly but not all) nowadays are so into this goals that they're missing out on what's in front of them. So what if you didn't achieve these goals with your friends, significant other or siblings? That doesn't mean your relationship with them worth anything less.

Your expectation versus What they can give. Back then somebody once told me not to expect way too much from others because you'll end up being disappointed, and that's completely your fault.
I didn't really understand that, especially the last few phrases. "...your fault.". Like how is that my fault? You're the one who didn't meet my expectations. You didn't give it your all.
That's what I thought before, not exactly like that but somewhere along those lines haha.

As I have mentioned earlier, everybody has their own expectations. That also means the level of these expectations differ from one person to another. You will never be able to please every single person out there. Likewise, not everyone will be able to please you the way you want them to.

Your expectation and what they can give fully may not be on the same level, but that shouldn't matter as long as they're trying their best.

Sorry for the handwriting. Teehee.

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