Friday, 8 May 2015

Random Rant 101

It's alright to have your own opinion and to voice it out. Totally okay. You're entitled to that. However, what's not okay is imposing your opinions on others. Do you know what it feels like to be told that the choices you made in life may not be the best for you? It may not be the best but it's not wrong. I know I deserve the best and such but your definition of what's good for me is not the same as mine. We are totally in different pages here. What you guys want for me may not be what I want. The least you guys can do is be there for me. Be it during the good or bad. That's the only thing I'm asking for. I'm happy and content of where I am now but I'm so fed up with feeling like this all the time. You people are making me feel like a dumbass for doing this and that. Okay, so what if I were huh? That doesn't mean you should go all, "Aha! See! I told you so! You should have listen to me blah blah shit blah blah cow blah blah horse blah blah bring the whole zoo here yo!". Fuck I already know that so. Like hello?  No need to be such a know-it-all. That's just plain rude. It's like getting knocked down by a car, and then when you get up and try to walk to safety, some smart alec comes up to you and say, "Hey! You just got knocked down!". Yeah so much for helping me, Captain Obvious. Another thing that bothers the shit out of me is that it feels like you guys are always expecting something bad to happen. What are you people, standby mode of negativity? Hovering around me, reminding me every second of my existence that things can go wrong? Well duh! Murphy already mentioned that haha.

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