Friday, 8 May 2015

Just a filler post. Nothing important, really

Wow it feels like forever since the last time I posted something substantial here, other than my nonsensical and random posts haha. Anyways, how are you guys doing? School has started for me again. It's finally my 3rd year in Poly! Gosh! How time flies by so fast. It still feels like my freshman year was just a few months ago(Feeling young 5ever hoho). Walking down the hallways, looking lost. Running late for classes and power walking my way through people to get to my next class. Those days with my classmates, endless laughter over nonsensical things. Three years just went like that. Puff! So fast oh so fast. Okay, now bye.

Hopefully I'll remember what I wanted to write about for my Random Thoughts post. Teehee!

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