Friday, 4 January 2013

Haha yeah

This post is going to be one random poop. Oh! Speaking of poop, have you heard that Facebook made an update? A new icon. A poop icon! I mean how awesome is that?
You can literally show poo to people in a form of an icon on Facebook!
I wonder what's the purpose of that
To be honest, I'm not against it. I just find it weird and funny. Hmm.. funny

So that's how the poop icon looks like. If you can't see clearly, the poop icon actually has eyes. Yes! Eyes to see! Omg this is almost comical. Almost.
I still find its usage bewildering... so yeah.
What made them think of this idea?
Only they know.

Alright, I have nothing much to say.
Well, except this(I just can't end my post without this.)

Poopiness at its best!

End of this poopy post.

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