Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013! [Such a cliche title]

This year has been full of ups and downs. Life is after all like a roller coaster; it's exhilarating, nerve-wrecking and effing awesome!
That's what I like about life. Bittersweet or sour sweet; I love sour sweet candies.
Without those moments that make us feel like sh*t, life wouldn't be life.
It'd simply be 2 dimensional and not 3 dimensional that it is.
Those sh*tty moments are the flip side of the life we love, we WANT and only WANT.
However, there wouldn't be a good side to life without the former. They always come hand in hand.
I know many of us wish that life would have some kind of pause, stop, forward and backward buttons. Wouldn't life be more easier and happier? 
NO. N-O. Wrong. Those buttons would be a hindrance in our life.
If those really do exist, we'd all be pressing the pause and rewind buttons over and over again, just to make our life perfect. We'd never move on to the next stage of our life. We'd be stuck replaying again and again like a broken recorder.
Now, is that the kind of life you want?
I certainly don't.

Now that I'm done with my lil speech up there, I'm gonna head straight to the point to why I posted this.
I just wanna recount how the year 2012 has been for me.
It was really shitty(Let me type it once without censoring it. It's the last day of 2012 after all.) but not all that shitty. There were happy and sappy moments too, which I thought would never come.
So, here it is! I tried to remember as much but the memory department in my head is quite incompetent as of now.

Not in chronological order

Graduation Day <3

Adam Khoo's non-residential camp at the earlier part of the year

LOL D&T during June(?)

First ever choir workshop <3

Sports day! Woohoo!

Nata's last day in school :(

Prior to Graduation Day at Luke's place; preparing goodies for 4G2 <3

Hmmm... The official formation of the sisterhood <3
Dang it was painful


My first ever night mass. Taken outside the church.

The last time the three of us got to hang out and the same day the sisterhood was formed <3

Racial harmony day+National day

The first wedding I attended

Confirmation day <3


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