Sunday, 20 October 2013

Late post

Yo yo yo, readers and passers-by! So this post is gonna be about some of the stuff i did during my school holiday, which was a week ago. Apparently, I'm still in my la la holiday mood; my sleeping pattern is still kind of messed up, I don't know how I manage to stay up during the boring lectures haha

I won't drag the intro or whatever you call it and just get to the pictures! Cause pictures totally make up the lack of words in all of my posts.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Not in chronological order by the way.

USS trip with new friends(:

With the pharaohs! Wait, they aren't, I think o_O
I'm such a sucker for anything about Ancient Egypt

We saw the Streetboys dance here. Woohoo!

Oh you know, just a walk in the park haha!
Lmao at Pen's face XD

Aww my fave pic :)
I'm Medusa and I'm gonna seduce ya with my awkwardness

Carousel ride haha!

Ended the day at beach

Girls day out with bestie!

We kind of got lost when were looking for Haji Lane and came across some cool places(:

The Wishing Tree near a Malay Cultural Museum(Not exactly the name but something along the line)

The batik art Jessi and I did(for free!)
Jessi's is the one on the left and mine on the right
That's a proof why I didn't take Art in Secondary School

Row row row your boats in the museum!

And these are some of the artefacts from...Damn I forgot from which year and country --"
but anyways, the one at the bottom are actually coins.
I'm really intrigued with the stone coins hehe



We finally found Haji Lane and we were super hungry and went to dine in this Egyptian Restaurant.
Me likey their decor :D

The oh-so-cool costume shop we found
Sexay ladies!


There are more pics but you know lazy me. If you wanna see more pics, you could visit my ig or fb though :)
Toodles now people!

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