Sunday, 13 October 2013


The one month long school holiday is coming to an end and I'll say hello to the new semester in NYP in a few hours time. I'm looking forward and not to it at the same time. Who looks forward to school for the sole purpose of getting tons of assignments, quizzes, tests and etc? No one! Lol kidding. I sometimes do. Shhhh!
Even though I didn't get to take the GSM of my first choice, at least there's French. I've been wanting to learn french since forever but I didn't have the time then and I don't wanna spend money. Stingy much? Haha! 
I can tell that this semester is going to be a lot crazier. Sometimes I wonder why I make such crazy decisions lmao. Like, why did I take DPP in Math. Usually, it takes a great deal of convincing myself to try something new. But this, this didn't take much time. I'd like to thank #yolo and God for making this happen. 

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