Thursday, 22 August 2013

My Crazy Bucket List

The title says it all, so here it goes!
Don't be judgemental about this!!
  1.  Ride the gondola with a hot gondolier who can sing
  2. Bathe in the rain
  3.  Be in a mass dance
  4. Ride the Singapore Flyer
  5. Be a street musician for a day with my friend(s)
  6.  Attend ome of Andrea Bocelli's operas in Milan
  7. Visit the four corners in US
  8. Attend Oktoberfest
  9. Learn to make candles
  10. Become a good public speaker
  11. Fly first class
  12. Have a pet dog
  13. Meet the pope
  14. Volunteer at an orphanage
  15. Be a spectator at a broadway play
  16. Get my palms read
  17. Get a Tarot card reading
  18. Learn to read Tarot card
  19. Have my self portrait painted
  20. Get a henna tattoo
  21. Visit a planetarium/observatory
  22. Read for 20 minutes everyday for a year(I don't think I can accomplish this that easily. It's either I finish the book in one shot or I lose interest in it.)
  23. Learn how to ride a bicycle
  24. Ride a horse
  25. Make a snowman
  26. Learn how to skate
  27. Learn how to surf
  28. Go bungee jumping
  29. Join a fast eating mango competition in Philippines(LOL)
  30. Dress up as a guy for a day
  31. Ride a hot air balloon
  32. Inhale Helium and start talking with a high voice
  33. Send a message in a bottle
  34. Have a penpal
  35. Have the movie theater all to myself
  36. Bake a cake
  37. See a shooting star/meteor shower
  38. See the aurora boreallis
  39. Pillow fight with with best friends
  40. Play hide-and-seek in school at night
  41. Fly a kite
  42. Tie a message to a balloon
  43. Have a nose piercing and a white ink tattoo
  44. Dye my hair with three colors
  45. Do flesh branding
  46. Climb the Eiffel tower
  47. Ride the London Eye
  48. Make a wish at the famous fountain in Rome; Fontana Di Trevi
  49. Visit a gothic-like castle
  50. Attend a wedding(As a matter of fact, my choir sang for them)
  51. Be a maid of honor
  52. See an eclipse
  53. Be a model for a day
  54. To accomplish most of the things in my bucket list
  55. Meet a royalty
  56. Be involved in flash mob dance
  57. Write a letter to Juliet in Verona
  58. Put a lock in the bridge of love in Paris
  59. Have someone serenade me
  60. Stand at the Equatorial Line in Ecuador
  61. Visit a haunted house/place
  62. Hug random people on the street
  63. Buy a locket
  64. Set up a kissing booth/ free hugs booth with my besties

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