Sunday, 19 February 2017


Looking back, many things have changed. So many people I've met along the way, and lost some too. What was once a heart break I never thought I'd get over with is now a lesson learnt. People I've hurt, and people who made me laugh. I feel pretty nostalgic now after archiving my old Tweets. I can't help but feel some sadness creep in. I miss them. I miss the old times I had with them. More importantly, I miss my old self. If I could turn back the time, maybe I would have acted differently. Cherished and enjoyed the moments more without a worry of what will come tomorrow. 

Sometimes even unburned bridges have no way of making you walk back to where everything was because there's just no reason to return or maybe you just lost your way back.

Now, they're just memories. Forever the same...

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