Thursday, 8 January 2015

An Insight To A Hopeless Romantic's Life As Told By Angelica

I don’t think many of you know that I'm a hopeless romantic by half of my heart. What do I mean by that? Okay so, I'm not the over the wall type. My senses are pretty much in good working condition as far as I know. My head is still intact whenever I daydream and I'm still grounded, thankgawd. To those who know this side of me, pardon me and my weird habits hehe.

Basically, this is gonna be a 'short' post on what goes on in a hopeless romantic's life. Mind you, this does not completely apply to the other 99.9999999999% hopeless romantics out there. There are different types of hopeless romantics, and I shall not get into that.

Being a hopeless romantic doesn't mean you are hopeless. Contrary to that, you are actually full of hope when it comes to love. You are probably hopeless because all your fantasies about love are mere illusions. Quite unlikely to happen, sad to say.

1. You feed on your friends' or other people's love lives(This is common for the single ones)

Whenever a friend of yours get into a relationship, you're one of the firsts to get the inside scoop. How did they get together, who professed their love first. What, where, when. You're like a paparazzi buzzing around for answers hahaha.

2. Your mind is basically a mass producing movie-maker. You always come up with scenarios that usually involve you or people you know. 

You're so good at it that you might as well be a director(and it's actually one of your dream jobs). Cue the soft lighting! The heart wrenching background music! You got it all on point in your head.

3. You dream of the day you'll meet your prince charming and he'll sweep you off your feet and you two live happily ever after. The End.

Maybe he's a secret admirer waiting to be noticed, dropping love notes in your locker. Leaving roses at your doorstep. Or maybe he's your childhood sweetheart. OhMy.

4. You never get tired of those sweet and sickly cliché movies about romance.

REPLAY 100000000x.
Yep. Haha You just cant get enough of the loooooooooove.

5. You turn into an emotional wreck when you watch a romantic movie. And when the movie ends, you'd go on and on and on about how the movie should have ended, how sweet the guy was, how you wish that kind of thing would happen to you in real life.

The only thing that could make me shut up is nothing. Hehe. Just let me be and I'll eventually stop yapping away. OHMYGAWD THE ENDING OF THE NOTEBOOK IS JUST SO.... *starts sobbing*.... Ahuh you get the idea.

6. Planning your wedding ahead.

Most people do, be it non-romantic peeps!

7. Each night before you go to sleep, you pray that you'll meet the one soon.

God, please send me a good man.
"It's raining men, hallelujah!"
I used to do this, pfft. But I don't anymore. I don't need to remind Him daily. He knows me by heart :)

8. You never ever give up on love.

God is love :)

9. Even though there's about 7.28 billion people on Earth and the ratio of male to female isn't balanced, you still hopelessly hope that everyone will find their special someone. If not, maybe a puppy or a kitten will do. It's still love though not a romantic one.

You know what, I used to be scared of being alone but I'm not anymore. If I'm content with being on my own, so be it. I have my family, friends and God to supply me with love. Mwa mwa! :*

10. You have this annoying habit of 'foreseeing' the love lives of other people. It feels like you won in bingo when you hit the bulls eye haha.

One of my friends get a daily dose of my love forecast on her love life. Haha bring out the crystal ball!

11. When you were younger, you had this stupid expectation of how relationship would be like.

Ahhh.... this. This is just a no no. One should not expect way too much. I'm not saying you should underestimate your partner's efforts. All I'm saying is, your expectation and the effort of the other person may or most of the time will not meet at the same place. Their fullest effort may not be up to your standard. You're just gonna end up disappointed and they're gonna end up feeling like they're not good enough for you. Get rid of that unrealistic expectations of yours. Be happy with what's given to you. Love is unconditional. Give give give.

13. Whenever you see your crush, all you can see is him and only him. That's why you end up embarrassing yourself you didn't see the banana peel on the ground haha.

I'm that one girl who always make a fool of herself in front of her crush. Saying the weirdest things. Doing stupid stuff. You name it.

14. Love at first sight.

Maybe I shouldn't have included this but oh well, I once believed in this. Boy, it sure didn't last long wahaha.

15. You write love poem(s) about your crushes.

In my old blog(sadly it has already been deleted), I'd post love poems after poems. These poems were mostly about my ex crushes hehe.

16. One-sided love stories are your weakness.

Nuff said. So much feels. It's overwhelming. Leave me be and let me wallow in depression while I recount the time I was rejected. KIDDING.

17. You'll wait for the one no matter how long it takes, even if you look like this.

18. You secretly believe in soul mates.

19. Love letters/notes

Better than texts, emails, skype messages and etc.

20. Grandiose gestures of love may be too much sometimes but not all the time, remember that haha.

21. True love exists!


22. Fantasy is better than reality to you.

23. In love with being in love.

24. Proposal videos/ Wedding montages on Youtube entertain you when you can't find books or movies to watch.

OMG This video made me go all "awwwww" I wish I was there to witness this beautiful moment :")

25. Movies/books have great impact in your life.

So riveting that some of its memorable lines have become your love motto.

26. You think courtship, even though old fashion, is still the way to go.

Ummm idk maybe it's just a Filipino thing? Haha

27. You are the person to go to whenever your friends are looking for romantic movies/books recommendations.

Yeah man! I'm as good as Goodreads recommendations!

28. You wish love didn't come with pain.

All rainbows and roses and unicorns and nyan cat and gummy bears and...

29. You love hearing your parents' love stories, and other people's too!

This post is just for fun and is not meant to offend anyone :)

P.P.S or is it P.S.S
I needa get off Thought Catalog. My post(s) here are starting to look like one :/

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