Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Somebody once told me...

My mentor from work once asked me this simple question, "If you were a billionaire parent, would you give your five year old kid $1000?" My first answer to this was, "Yes. If I had billions of dollars, giving away $1000 to my kid shouldn't be a problem. My kid deserves it anyway." Like come on, you would too, right? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that except, what would a five year old do with that kind of money? Hmm that got me thinking.

An innocent kid who hasn't been exposed to the kind of world where you  have to rip what you sow and sadly it's not like that all the time. A lad who's completely oblivious to what's happening around him. The boy can't possibly spend every penny of that money on toys. That'd be crazy. It'd be a complete waste to spend it on frivolous things.

My mentor made me realise that there's a reason why you don't have the things you want right now. It's because you can't handle such responsibility at this stage of your life yet or maybe it's not really for you. Before you get what you want, you have to prove to God first that you are worthy to be given of what you demand. You can't just lie around and be a potato and expect a sack of gold to appear at your door by the end of the day.

Life doesn't work that way. You have to go out there and experience life. Now, this is where life becomes tough. In life, you don't always succeed. You are deemed to fail at one point but that doesn't mean you'll never succeed. You have to give yourself a chance to see, feel and learn the things around you. Once you've experienced all that, you'll find a purpose. That purpose will then be the reason why you should be given that kind of responsibility.

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